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What’s Included in the Toyota 30,000-Mile Service?

Most of the North West region’s drivers know that Toyota vehicles can last for hundreds of thousands of miles when they’re properly maintained, but if you’re not sure what’s included with each step in the process, maintaining your vehicle can still seem like a daunting task. In general, the Toyota maintenance schedule assumes that you’ll be servicing your vehicle every 7,500 miles, and the Toyota 30,000-mile service list includes a number of very important checks! Find out what services you’ll receive with Toyota of Olympia, today. 

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Toyota 30,000 Mile Service List serving Olympia, Tacoma, Chehalis & Puyallup, WA

If you’re servicing your vehicle every 7,500 miles, your Toyota 30,000-mile service will include all of the normal checks performed at the 7,500 and 15,000-mile intervals, plus a number of additional inspections. The full list includes:


  • Engine oil change and oil filter replacement
  • Fluid level check and replacement
  • Tire pressure check and rotation
  • Inspection of the fuel system and HVAC system
  • Inspection of brake pads and suspension
  • Engine air filter replacement
  • Cabin air filter replacement and cabin air purification
  • Lubrication of components, including the propeller shaft, driveshaft bushings, and steering knuckles, hood, and door hinges.

In some cases, and depending on how you drive, your trained Toyota technician may recommend additional services. However, if you’ve replaced necessary components earlier on in your vehicle’s life, you may be able to skip a few steps when you come in for your 30,000-mile checkup.

Service for customers from Olympia, Tacoma, Chehalis and Puyallup, WA involves thoroughly checking parts such as timing belts, wires and spark plugs and replacing them if necessary along with a full detailed inspection of all of your vehicle's components and any necessary repairs and or replacements made. Do you have any repair or maintenance issues? Then look no further than Toyota Of Olympia in Tumwater, WA. The certified mechanics at our Toyota service center will diagnose any problems with your vehicles and quickly fix them. Our proficient staff has developed a reputation for delivering excellent service and repairs in our town. Bring your Toyota vehicles for service at our dealership in Tumwater, WA. Schedule an appointment today!

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