2023 GR Corolla

This year, Toyota announced the introduction of the first-ever 2023 GR Corolla to TOYOTA’S GAZOO Racing sports car lineup. This new model with a three-cylinder engine will come in three grades: the Core grade, Circuit Edition, and the limited MORIZO Edition.


Toyota’s GR lineup began in 2007 when Akio Toyoda wanted to expand and develop the company’s racing presence. The GR Corolla has been tested at leading circuits in Japan as well as under heavy-duty conditions with dirt and snow so that engineers and technicians could modify and perfect every aspect of this car. Toyota has a dedicated factory that is home to the first GR production line where each car is expertly assembled.




The new GR-FOUR All-Wheel Drive system is present in the new GR Corolla. It delivers excellent traction and control with the ability to adjust four-wheel drive performance to fit the driver’s needs. A dial allows the four-wheel distribution to be adjusted to 60:40, 30:70, or 50:50 between the rear and front wheels, depending on the situation.


With a three-cylinder turbo engine that delivers 300 hp and up to 295 pound-feet of torque, this new car delivers performance you can feel. The center exhaust pipe also stays open while idling and while reaching speeds up to 20 mph for a satisfying rumble, after which it will close. Once speeds reach 4,500 RPM the pipe opens again to deliver powerful acceleration.


Design & Style


This car was designed to project a strong, attack-ready presence that is styled to impress. The exterior of the GR Corolla is flanked by ducts on both sides and a front grille with integrated LED fog lamps and a GR badge. All grades of this model have wide front and rear fender flares.


The high-level performance of the car is reflected in the interior as well. Get the same type of feedback that the pros get with a 12.3-inch color Multi-Information Display that shows 4WD mode, turbo pressure, gear position indicator, and more. The shift lever is designed to be optimally positioned where the driver’s arm is lowered from steering, which makes it easy to switch between gears.


The Core grade of this car is expected to be at dealerships by this fall, with the MORIZO Edition arriving in winter 2023 and the Circut Edition anticipated to be available by spring 2023. While you’re waiting, take a look at other Corollas or browse our full selection of new vehicles. At Toyota of Olympia, we pride ourselves on having a great selection and great service! If you see something you like, schedule a test drive to experience it in person. We look forward to helping you in your search for the perfect car!




October 7, 2022
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